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Thirteen years after the original Robocop, Delta City, considered to be "The Safest Place On Earth!", has become a futuristic city owned and operated by OCP, and RoboCop, Alex Murphy has begun to feel his age. Murphy finds himself nearly obsolete, and must deal with the fact that his now-grown son James is an OCP executive, unaware that his father is still alive. Also, Murphy's former partner, John Cable, has returned to Delta City as its new Security Commander. But slowly, new enemies arise, and Murphy and Cable begin an investigation into a mysterious villain known as the Bone Machine, unaware that they are coming dangerously close to exposing an evil group of OCP executives known as The Trust… which James Murphy is a part of. Desperate to prevent their sinister plans from being revealed, The Trust programs Murphy to kill John Cable…
Blame Canada! Essentially, this is 8 hours of recycling. There&#39;s really nothing new here we didn&#39;t see in the previous three movies. OCP is evil, Robo is somehow decent, or maybe he&#39;s just a robot.<br/><br/>Did we really need more of this? Oh, yeah, and then we have all the fun &quot;pun&quot; names. Like Ann R. Key and Lexx Icon. Why not include characters named &quot;Jim Shoo&quot; while you are at it? It seems the bit of dialog and plot are only interludes to hang the shootout scenes on. Lots and lots of shootout scenes, I lost track after a certain point of who was being shot for what, exactly.<br/><br/>The plot is that an aging RoboCop is considered a has-been in OCP&#39;s new Delta city, lots of corporate maneuvering by evil executives that could never actually exist outside a parody. There were a few actors who didn&#39;t phone it in…
It&#39;s clear that Julian Grant, Brad Abraham and Joseph O&#39;Brien are fans of Robocop. They have updated the series for the new millenium and spin on a few ideas of their own.<br/><br/> John Cable was an excellent addition to Robocop. Him and Alex Murphy are great to see in action. Cable is similar to Murphy in many ways: family man, law man, takes no nonsense. Full credit to Maurice Dean Wint. His wife, Sara Cable, reminds me of Clarance Boddiker in a few ways as well.<br/><br/> However, some things just don&#39;t work: Page Fletcher is physically wrong for Murphy. He&#39;s 5 ft 7. Hardly intimidating. Even his son towers over him and his nose is massive, although he does a good job of handling the emotions. The idea to have Robocop constantly shutting down and jumping when shot like an epileptic gets tiring after a while.<br/><br/> Ultimately, a worthy effort.

Robocop 1(2015) Robocop 2(2015) Robocop 3(2020) Robocop-TV Series(2020) Robocop:Prime Directives(2028) <br/><br/>
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